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10 Days Historical Tours – Mercy Ethiopia Tours skip to Main Content

Destination;  Erta Ale, Dallol, Camel Caravan, Axum, Tigray Churches
Duration; 10 Days and 9 Nights
Transportation; Flight, Drive and Trek
Accommodation; Camp, Lodge and Hotel
Note; Tour can be customized based on your request!
Price; $ (USD) will be revealed upon request.

Day 1; Addis Ababa – Mekelle

Arrive in Addis Ababa and transfer immediately to Mekelle by flight. Pick up from Alula Abanega airport and transfer to Hatse Yohannes Hotel. Visit city, Local market and Bete Yohannes, once was a castle and home of Emperor Yohannes and now a museum, and martyrs monument.

Day 2; Mekelle – Ahmed Ela

In the morning, depart Mekelle and drive to Ahmed Ela campsite through Berhale. Once we reach Berhale, you will notice the landscape changes. Most people associate this place as the start of the ‘depression’. Berhale is also a stopping off point for the camel caravans carrying salt from Lake Karum to the highlands of Ethiopian in the northwest. Later, have lunch at Berhale before continuing journey to Ahmed Ela.

That night will camp out in the open air at Ahmed Ela. Before sunset travel a short distance to Lake Karum to watch the sunset from salt flats on the lake. The water level on the lake is very shallow so it’s easy to walk out and around on the lake. Dinner and overnight camping in the open air of Ahmed Ela.

Day 3; Dallol – Ab’ala

Rise early and travel over the low water of Lake Assaele. Although the distance is not far to get to Dallol, the cars have to drive very slowly on the salt lake.

Once arrive at the base of a small mountain, will hike up to see the Sulphur springs of Dallol. The colors and rock formations will create an amazing impression which is hard to believe.

From Dallol, drive back across the salt lake stopping off to see how the local Afar people mines and harvest the salt. This is probably one of the toughest jobs in the world.

Travel continues and reach at small town of Afar called Ab’ala. Dinner and overnight at guest house of Ab’ala.

Day 4; Erta-Ale

Drive to Kasrawad, here where we will have lunch and arrange the Local militia and local guide. After driving for 25km, in the late afternoon, start walking to Erta Ale. Around 5pm, 3 hours trek climb to Erta Ale volcano. Erta Ale is 613 meters height, with a lava lake, and is one of the only five in the world. It is notable for being the longest existing lava lake, present since the early years of the twentieth century. Overnight camp on the top of the mountain.

Day 05; Erta Ale – Afdera – Mekelle

Around 9am we will be at the foot base of the volcanic mountain where our cook and cars camp. Thereafter we will have our breakfast and drive to Lake Afdera to enjoy the natural swimming pool, have lunch there and drive back to Mekelle. Overnight at Hatse Yohannes Hotel.

Day 06; Wukro

Early in the morning drive to Wukro to visit Tigray rock hewn churches. The Tigray churches are excavated from rock on the seventh to the fifteenth centuries. Some are older than those of Lalibela. Visit one of the rock hewn churches of Tigray –Wukro Cherkos and Abreha Atsibeha and further drive to Gheralta Mountains-and visit the second famous rock churches of Tigray- Abune Yema’ta. Overnight at Vision Hotel, Hawzen Town.

Day 07; Gheralta

Departure to Gheralta and views on the way to the churches of the region, There are over 30 churches in this region. Visit the remaining rock hewn churches of Gheralta. Overnight at Gheralta Lodge.

Day 08; Yeha – Axum

In the morning departure to Axum, on the way make a stop to visit the Solar Temple of Yeha. Overnight at Axum.

Day 09; Axum

Full day in Axum, once was one of the four great powers of the ancient world. A chapel within the church compound is believed by Ethiopian Orthodox Christians to house the Ark of the Covenant, or the original tablets of Moses. Our tour includes the museum and the stelae, the castle of King Kaleb, passing Mai Shum (the bath of the Queen of Sheba), the tomb of King Basen, Queen Sheba’s Palace’ (although it is, in fact, the villa of an Axumite notable from around the 1st century AD).

Day 10; Fly to Addis Ababa

Fly to Addis Ababa, city tour of Addis Ababa that includes National museum and Merkato – the grand open market. Later in the evening transfer to bole international airport and fly back home.

End of the Tour!