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14 Days Cultural Tours – Mercy Ethiopia Tours skip to Main Content

Destination;  Jimma,  Mizan Teferi,  Kibish, Bume, Turmi, Mursi, Konso, Arbaminch, Hawassa, Netch-Sar National Park, Hammer,  Addis Ababa
Duration; 14 Days and 13 Nights
Transportation; Drive and Hike
Accommodation; Camp and Hotel
Note; Tour can be customized based on your request!
Price; $ (USD) will be revealed upon request.

Day 1; Addis Ababa – Jimma

Drive (6-7 hrs.) From Addis Ababa to Jimma early in the morning. In Jimma the origin of Coffee, visit Abba Jiffar Palace to see the former palace complex of the Kaffa king and the Jimma Museum Overnight at hotel.

Day 2; Jimma – Mizan Teferi

Drive (5-6 hrs.) from Jimma to Mizan Teferi in the morning. Mizan Teferi is in southern Ethiopia and is the largest town of the administrative center of the Bench Maji Zone of the Southern nations and nationalities. Stay overnight at hotel.

Day 3; Mizan Teferi – Kibish

Drive early (5-6 hrs.) from Mizan across the largest natural Coffee plantation of Bebeka to Tulgit and visit the nearby village. Overnight camping at Kibish.

Day 4; Kibish

Drive (1-2 hours) Excursion to Kibish and villages around Kibish River. Overnight camping at Kibish.

Day 5; Kakuuta – Bume

Drive (5-6 hrs.) to Kakuuta, Bume tribe’s isolated village driving through the Lush Lilbay plains of Omo National Park area, where an abundance of game viewing is guaranteed. Overnight camping at Bume tribe’s village.

Day 6; Korcho – Turmi

After driving (6-7 hours), Cross Omo River and visit Korcho village situated at the very bank of Omo river, Karo Peoples quite few in number just fewer than two thousand members but quite famous for their skill to paint their body by the looks of Vulturine Guinea fowl and drive to Turmi and stay overnight camping at Turmi Village.

Day 7; Hammer

Drive (1 ,1/2 – 2 hours) Excursion to Dimeka Market to see Hammer Tribal members, Bennas and Karo peoples converge to attend the colorful weekly market just twenty two kilometers from Turmi town. After lunch return to Turmi then visit a nearby hammer people’s village late in the afternoon. Overnight camping at Turmi Village.

Day 8; Dassenech Tribes

Drive (5-6 hours) Excursion to Omorate, crossing the Omo River, to see the Dassenech tribal village and its uniqueness from the rest of East Omo tribes. After lunch return to Turmi then visit a hammer people’s village late in the afternoon to attend a cultural Hammer people night dance known as (“Eban-Gaddi”-meaning, Night Dance). Overnight camping at Turmi Village.

Day 9; Mursi – Jinka

Drive (3 to Jinka+3 hours to Mursi) From Turmi, Drive through Keyafer market of Thursday (If the itinerary is arranged in such a way to drive on this specific date across Keyafer town) where it’s a weekly Market at Keyafer for three tribes mainly, the Benna’s, Ari and Tsemai tribes. A bit further along the way Thursday is also a weekly market day for Konso’s as well. Overnight at Jinka Hotel.

Day 10; Konso

(2-3 hours) Drive out from Jinka destined to Konso, just over two hours’ drive to reach Konso town. Excursion to one of the uniquely built compounded Konso peoples Villages, UNESCO recognized terrace farming beds their ages spanning up to 900 years and also the magnificent eroded soil structures at kesrgeyo (also known as New York- the splendor of the soil eroded natural looks and heights as that of New York skyscrapers in USA) return to the outskirt of Konso town. Spend overnight camping at Konso Village.

Day 11; Arbaminch

(2-3 hours) Drive to Arbaminch town just less than two hours from Konso town. After lunch make a boat trip on Lake Chamo. Spend overnight at Mora Heights.

Day 12; Netch-Sar National Park – Arbaminch

(3hrs. to the park- and 3 hours to Chencha) Excursion to Netch-sar National Park for Game Viewing, return to Arbaminch for lunch. After Lunch drive along the hilly village of Dorze people. Chencha provides a spectacular view over the two lakes that border Arbaminch in the backdrop each with its own attraction. Chencha village offers a lot of things- incorporating the ethnic group culture, in the architecture of their housing, famous cotton weaving tradition, ages old gastronomy and landscape. Return to Arbaminch and spend overnight at Mora Heights.

Day 13; Hawassa

(3-4 hours) Drive to Hawassa on the way visit Senkele National Park, and enjoy the flamboyant city-Hawassa’s glamour at the very end of the tour. Overnight at Kerawud Hotel.

Day 14; Hawassa – Addis Ababa

(4-5 hours) Drive in the morning of the last day. Continue to return after a stop at Fish Market on Lake Hawassa. Then drive to Addis Ababa with a visit to Abijata Shalla National Park and Lake Ziway before returning to Addis Ababa. After brief shopping, transfer to Bole International Airport and fly back home in the evening.

End of the Tour!

 “Experience the Excitement”