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Mercy Ethiopia Tours works closely with each customer to ensure their trip is exactly what they are looking for. Contact us today to learn how we’re not your average tour company.

Travel Specialists

You’ll get a personal travel specialist to work with from beginning to end, who will help you create your dream trip to all amazing attraction sites of Ethiopia.

Price and Value

You’re planning the trip of a lifetime! If you find a comparable package at a lower price, we’ll help evaluate your options together to make sure you get you the best deal for your money.


Our expert travel specialists are here to help facilitate the trip of your dreams. You have a countless of choices for accommodations, tours and transportation.

Traveler Hotline

If you need assistance from Mercy Ethiopia Tours in the event of an emergency during your trip, there are several ways to contact us 24/7 locally.

Guaranteed Tours

All tours operated by Mercy Ethiopia Tours guaranteed and will never be canceled due to a lack of travelers. We can run a tour with as few as just two people by utilizing our network of partners and suppliers.

More About Us
About Us

Mercy Ethiopia Tours is built on the belief that those who travel the world become more educated, tolerant, appreciative and accepting people. International travels can change your life, help you develop lifelong relationships, present new opportunities, and provide an education unlike anything you’ll experience in your everyday life. The opportunity to engage you in another culture’s social community provides more than what travel itself will provide. It also provides an understanding and appreciation for how other societies live, interact, eat, drink, celebrate, thrive, and survive, among other things. From the typical tourist sites to the sounds, smells, landscape, nightlife, social interaction – right down to the currency, local beer, wine, and food, unique cars, buildings, and local establishments, it’s very different from how you live every day. And to share it with people like you makes the experience even better. We promote three things while traveling on our trips: Culture, Community, and Friendship. Appreciate all of them for what they are. After all it’s Ethiopia – The Origin of the Early Human, Travel It and Explore It with us.

Recent News
30Jun 18

Lucy – The Skeleton

Ethiopia is the earliest known home of humankind. A skeleton of an older human ancestor Australopithecus Afarensis was discovered in…